At Home Grown Outdoor Finishes we have been servicing South Central Pennsylvania for over 10 years. As a leader in snow and ice management, our experienced team is on call 24/7 during any snowstorm. We are dedicated to providing quick and effective service to all of our clients. From large commercial complexes and shopping centers to small private practices we have the equipment needed to get the job done. Some examples of the national accounts we service are BB&T Bank, Santander Bank, CVS Pharmacy, PNC Banks, McDonald’s, Turkey Hill Minit Markets, and other large shopping centers. We specialize in high visibility clients that need individualized care at each location to manage their liability 24 hours a day.


Snow plowing is our specialty and we have the equipment necessary to provide efficient and effective service. With a fleet of 10 plow trucks and growing, 4 skid loaders and a constantly growing fleet of other large snow removal equipment. Our team clears everything from tight alleyways to large parking lots. We are dedicated to providing quick service and therefore we are tracking incoming storm events 48 hours out and planning for the event. We utilize multiple weather alert services and prepare our crews in advance so that we are always prepared for winter weather events. Our goal is to have the ability to be on site the minute that inclement weather begins to manage all risk of liability for our clients.


Keeping walkways and steps clear from ice and snow insures safe passage for both employees and visitors. Home Grown Outdoor Finishes works 24/7 during snow storms to keep your sidewalks clear and safe, and we continually provide service not only during the storm, but after as well monitoring re-freeze etc.


We stockpile over 250 tons of rock salt, blended ice melter, Calcium Chloride, and MAG Chloride all winter long. Our salt trucks make continual rounds to your business, ensuring that your lot stays clear throughout the storm. Additionally, we keep accurate records of application dates and times protecting you from slip and fall claims.


After multiple major storms or a blizzard, the snow can really pile up, causing a loss of space and a lot of hassle for you. Sometimes this means moving snow piles, or “stacking” to widen out traffic lanes or clear prime parking space areas. At Home Grown Outdoor Finishes, we use our loaders to move and stack the snow which can open up a lot more of your valuable space.


When stacking services are not enough, the snow simply has to be removed from the site. We use our loaders to transport the snow into our dump trucks and then remove the snow from your site to a location where the snow can melt safely and away from your lot, saving you space and re-freeze risk.

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